Who's that guy?

Brad Standley is an actor/singer/songwriter and semi-professional bacon enthusiast living in New York City. Originally from a small farm in Northern California he found his musical stride while singing along to home made tapes of The Eagles as he painted fences and mowed lawns.  

After a brief but powerful stint as Tom Sawyer in the 8th grade, his path was clear.  He graduated with a BFA from Cal State Fullerton and toured the world with the musical Hair.  While on tour he picked up the guitar and started writing music.  He quickly formed the band Brad Standley & The Foxflies, which toured Europe, held a residency in Las Vegas and can be found on Spotify and iTunes. His new band Come Home, an acoustic soul based folk group in the vain of The Lumineers, mixed with some Otis Redding, are in the process of recording their first full length album and should be releasing their first single in early 2016.

Recently he was in the world premiere of The 12 with book and lyrics by Pulitzer Prize-winner Robert Shenkkan at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.  He's been seen alongside Dana Delany in Body of Proof as well as James Franco on General Hospital, and James Denton in the feature film Karaoke Man.  

He will always be grateful to the cows, pigs and chickens who were his friends growing up, and to his parents who supported him endlessly.